Interview with Kingdom Strollers

Sit back and read our exclusive interview with Matt from Kingdom Strollers in Orlando, Florida area.

WDW-Resorts: Tell us a little bit about the services you offer.

Matt: Kingdom Strollers provides premium stroller and crib rentals delivered to your hotel, resort or rental home for your use while here visiting the Orlando area. The items are delivered before you arrive and picked up after you have checked out. No need to lug your own stroller on the plane or take up precious space in the car. Leave those troubles at home :)

WDW-Resorts: How is your stroller rental company different from the rest?

Matt: You can rent strollers from many places but what I think sets us apart is our customer service and flexibility. Being there for our guests and accommodating their ever changing needs sets us apart from those who merely provide a stroller.

WDW-Resorts: What type of strollers do you rent?

Matt: We offer a selection from Baby Jogger and Bob Revolution. We carry the City Mini, Mini GT and Summit X3 lines as well as Bob Revolutions. We also carry two models designed for those with special needs.

WDW-Resorts: Do you offer a cancellation policy?

Matt: As parents ourselves, we understand life's sudden changes so we offer full refunds on orders canceled greater than 48hrs before the rental begins. Those that must cancel within the 48hrs typically are charged a minimal fee.

WDW-Resorts: How new are your strollers?

Matt: We constantly evaluate the condition of our fleet and retire those that no longer meet our standards, but I would say our strollers are around one year old on average.

WDW-Resorts: How do you clean your equipment?

Matt: All of the Baby Jogger strollers have their fabric removed and we launder it using Ecolab commercial laundry products. The Bob strollers are hand cleaned using a hot water upholstery extractor and hydrogen peroxide based cleaner.

WDW-Resorts: What other items do you rent?

Matt: In addition to strollers, we also offer full-sized folding wooden cribs. This January, we will begin offering compact folding wooden cribs as some hotel rooms cannot accommodate a full size crib. We will also begin to offer inflatable toddler beds and inflatable bed rails.

WDW-Resorts: Where do you deliver strollers?

Matt: We are proud to be a Disney Preferred Stroller Provider, meaning we can deliver to any and all Disney resort bell stands where guests can pick up their stroller at their convenience. We also deliver to hundreds of hotels, resorts and vacation homes in the Orlando and theme park areas. If a guest ever has a question about a particular location, all they need to do is ask :) New resorts and hotels are always popping up in Orlando.

WDW-Resorts: Do you offer a guarantee in the event of a lost or broken equipment?

Matt: While breakdowns and malfunctions are rare, they do occur as with any mechanical device. We stand behind our product 100%, so if there is ever an issue, we will bring out a replacement as soon as humanly possible. Insurance
against theft and accidental damage is available to purchase when guests are placing their reservations.

WDW-Resorts: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Kingdom Strollers?

Matt: For those who have never been to is a lot of walking. 7 - 8 miles a day. 5yr olds won't make it much past day two without a stroller...Don't spend thousands of dollars and ruin it all by not giving the kids a sanctuary. They will be tired, overstimulated and've seen it at the mall and that was an hour and a half. 10-12 hours at the park on asphalt and concrete all day in 80 to 90 degree me. Sometimes it's just a spot to put the nuggets for your own sanity.

Thanks to Matt for this interview!

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