Walt Disney Resorts Car Rentals

Should you rent a car for your vacation at the Walt Disney Resorts?

It depends.

The Walt Disney World resorts provide complimentary transportation between the hotels, theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney. Also, Disney provides complimentary transportation to and from the Orlando airport by bus with Disney's Magical Express service.

A rental car is an added expense. Plus you will need to hassle with driving and parking on Disney property. Driving can negate the total immersion and break from reality created by Walt Disney World.

It is nice to sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving for you. You don’t have to worry about finding your way through the large Walt Disney World complex or paying for parking. Also, the buses will generally drop you off right in front of the theme parks so you do not have to take the long walk from the parking lot. Disney transportation accommodates those with limited mobility and will carry wheelchairs and strollers, but you will need to collapse your stroller.

However, a car adds convenience and can save time. Disney transportation is pretty good, but you need to be prepared to wait 20 minutes for buses and boats. And expect to  double you weight time for if you are traveling on Disney transportation at peak times.

A car also gives you increased control and more options. If you plan to tour or eat meals at any other hotel a car is a must. Traveling from one Disney hotel to another via Disney transportation can be prohibitively time consuming. Be forewarned that Disney has beefed up security at their hotels and you may need to provide a valid reason (such as dining reservations) for visiting the resorts, particularly the Disney deluxe resorts. If you are planning to visit any other attractions or theme parks in Orlando, we recommend renting a car. Shuttle services are available, but can be expensive and inconvenient.

If you are a guest at the Walt Disney Resorts, you will receive a parking tag which will allow you into your hotel parking lot and entitle you to free parking at the theme parks. If you are staying off property, be prepared to pay the daily parking fees which are steep.

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