Hotels Near Disney World

Are you considering staying in one of the hotels near Disney World? There are several compelling reasons to stay off property. Your vacation dollar will stretch farther giving you a better value. You will also have more access to non-Disney theme parks and attractions.

Why Stay Off Disney Property?

  • Value
  • More space
  • Kitchen facilities in many properties
  • Access to other area attractions and theme parks in Orlando
  • Ability to use member points from chain hotels
  • Perks such as free breakfast or private pools
  • Proximity to cheaper offsite dining options

Drawbacks of Staying Offsite

  • Lacks Disney touch, extensive theming and standards of customer service and cleanliness
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Lack of Disney benefits including Disney Magical Express, Extra Magic park hours (extended hours), Disney room charging and Disney package delivery to your hotel
  • Lacks fully immersed Disney experience 
  • Inconsistent transportation
  • Decreased access to Disney with generally longer commutes to the theme parks
  • Parking fees at Disney parks
  • Lack of convenience

Virtually every chain hotel in America has a presence in Orlando, Florida. Hotels in Orlando Fl are more economical off Disney property due to increased competition. Offsite hotels in Orlando Fl can be better for large families or those with small children or multi-family parties who need more space and privacy. Offsite property options are numerous, including hotels, condos and homes.

Hotels near Walt Disney World (but not in Walt Disney World) will not entitle you to the full benefits afforded guests of Disney properties including extended theme park hours, Disney transportation, Disney Magical Express airport transportation and Disney packages. Offsite guests cannot purchase the Disney dining plan or free Disney dining packages. Further, the Disney guests receive a slight advantage when planning advance dining reservations at 180 + 10 extra days from check in that are not available to offsite guests. Offsite guests can book advance dining reservations at 180 days, but Disney will not allow you to book the extra 10 days. Day guests (those staying offsite in hotels near Disney World) are unable to charge anything to their rooms from Disney property and cannot have packages delivered to their rooms.

Staying onsite can provide a complete break from reality that can be shattered when you leave Disney property. However, some may prefer a break from the intensity of Disney.

Transportation can be tricky. Some hotels in Orlando Fl offer airport shuttles and transportation to the theme parks. Offsite hotel transportation is generally not as good as Disney’s. You will need a rental car if you are staying offsite, however we also recommend a rental car for onsite Disney guests if speed of transport is a priority. You lose some measure of convenience by staying offsite since you cannot easily walk or take the monorail to a theme park. Also, parties cannot split up as easily, but you do have the convenience of a car.

Disney resort guests receive complimentary parking at the theme parks, but offsite guests are required to pay Disney's stiff parking fees. Also remember that Disney parking lots and theme parks can reach capacity during busy periods. Disney closes their lots and parks in phases which first limit offsite guests, then limiting all guests based on attendance levels.

Remember time is money. Be sure to factor in time spent commuting and whether you will be able to utilize extended park hours if you stay on property.

Summing It Up

The decision of whether to stay onsite or offsite is a matter of preference. If cost is most important to you, then you will probably want to stay in one of the offsite hotels near Disney World. If you want to be immersed in the Disney bubble with a predictable level of service and quality, then you will do well staying onsite.

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