Walt Disney World Resort Discounts

Disney is expensive! Fortunately there are a lot of Walt Disney World Resort discounts. Keep reading for the best Disney deals.

Our Best Money Saving Tips

Travel in Off-Season

Our number one tip for getting the best Disney deals is to travel in off season. Hotel room rates are cheaper, the theme parks are less crowded and the weather is great. We encourage you to travel to Orlando when kids in the United States are in school as the theme parks are much more heavily attended when the kids are out of school. For the best conditions and best Disney deals travel at the following times:

  • January and February, except holiday weekends
  • May
  • September and October

Try to avoid holidays, particularly Easter, spring break, Independence Day (July 4th) and Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November). The week between Christmas and New Year is the busiest at Walt Disney World. Expect to find packed theme parks, restaurants and hotels.


Plan ahead. Create a budget so you can calculate what the trip will cost and also as a means of controlling costs. You can allocate a daily for weekly budget for souvenirs. Also, create a food budget as it is very easy to spend a large amount of money eating at Disney, but also relatively easy to find ways to save on food.

Do Your Research

If you peruse the newspapers or check the internet, you will find good Walt Disney World Resort discounts. Doing your research will also give you an idea of what you can expect to pay so you can spot a good deal when you find one. Be sure to check out the Mousesavers website for savings for the best Disney deals!

Find a Good Travel Agent

Travel agents are often able to find the best Walt Disney World resort discounts. They can devote a lot more time to searching for deals. Plus, their services are free!

Save on Hotels

If you are looking for Disney deals on your hotel, consider staying at one of the Disney moderate or value properties. Also consider staying off-property for major savings and more space. Orlando has a glut of hotel rooms, condos and homes for rent.

Save on Dining

Eating at Walt Disney World is expensive! The good news is that there are a multitude of ways to save money on food. For Walt Disney World specials, review the tips below:

  • Consider the Disney Dining Plan. While opinions vary regarding whether the Disney Dining Plan is a good deal, it has many fans. Also, each year Disney has been offering free Disney dining if you purchase a full price package. This is a very popular option
  • Buy some groceries. There are may area grocery stores or you can have your food delivered to your hotel. You will pay a little more for delivery, but you can't beat the convenience and it will still be a great savings from purchasing food from Disney. The Garden Grocer and We Go Shop offer online ordering and will deliver to your hotel. Reportedly, the Swan and Dolphin Hotels will not accept deliveries of food
  • Stay in a place with a kitchen so you can prepare some meals
  • At sit down restaurants eat your main meal for lunch instead of dinner as some restaurants offer cheaper prices for lunch
  • Split meals. Portions at Disney restaurants are large
  • Order from the children's menu if you are a light eater
  • Stay at a hotel that includes a free breakfast
  • Eat some meals off-site

Save on Souvenirs

There are few Walt Disney World resort discounts for souvenirs, but if you are smart you can find a few ways to save. Try assigning a daily or weekly spending limit for each person. The merchandise at Walt Disney World is very expensive, though most of it is high quality. You can also try visiting one of the two are Disney outlets for deeply discounted merchandise. For the best Disney deals, consider purchasing souvenirs from the local dollar store at home and transporting them with you on vacation. This is a bit of a hassle and consider whether you will need to pay extra for your luggage if you bring more with you.


Remember that time is money. Do whatever you can to maximize your time. Traveling in the off-season will improve your efficiency and allow you to see more in less time. As an added bonus you will save on your hotel rates by traveling during the off-season.

A Word About Photopass

If you want to get a Photopass without spending a lot of money consider joining the Photopass group on Facebook. This is totally at your own risk, but it you get a large enough group the monetary investment is minimal. Be forewarned, it can be a lot of work to coordinate one of these groups.

Free Things to Do at Walt Disney World

The best Disney deals are freebies!

  • Take a tour of the Disney hotels
  • Visit the Boardwalk
  • Go to Downtown Disney (this can be costly if you start spending money!)
  • Take a transportation tour by monorail, bus and boat
  • Go for a stroll. Walk from the Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness or from the Epcot resorts to Epcot and/or Hollywood Studios
  • Visit the Disney Wilderness Preserve: 20 minutes from Walt Disney World
  • Swim
  • Explore Fort Wilderness, including the stables and nightly campfire with Chip and Dale followed by Disney movies
  • Movies under the Stars nightly at the resorts
  • Poolside and resort activities
  • Watch fireworks from outside the theme parks
  • Electric Water Pageant Parade on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake
  • Take a drive to Celebration

Walt Disney World Specials

Here are a few more Disney deals:

  • Bike rentals
  • Boat rentals
  • Fishing at Port Orleans Resort
  • A meal at one of the cheaper sit down restaurants
  • Play miniature golf
  • Collect pressed pennies

The get the best Walt Disney World resort discounts remember to travel in the off season for uncrowded touring, good weather and cheaper hotel rates. You can find the best Disney deals if you do a little research!

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