Walt Disney World Book

Are you looking for the best Walt Disney World book? Here are our recommendations for the best books on Walt Disney World.

Our Favorite Disney World Books

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

In our opinion, this is the best Walt Disney World travel guide. The comprehensive 850 plus page guidebook covers the details of the theme parks, including theme park and ride design, ride wait times and attraction ratings by age group. Touring plans for each theme park, including Universal Studios, are included and discussed at length. This book does not include any photographs, but the sister book Unofficial Guide: Color Companion to Walt Disney World is filled with colorful pictures.

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World

This is a classic Walt Disney World book. As the official book of Walt Disney World, Birnbaum travel guides offer a lot of useful information on the hotels, restaurants and theme parks at Walt Disney World. Colorful photographs fill the pages of the book. Although it is questionable whether the book is truly objective about Walt Disney World, it is a very enjoyable read.

Birnbaum also offers a special Walt Disney World for Kids edition. The book is geared toward children about ages 5-12. It has colorful photographs, ride descriptions and activities. Birnbaum also offers a Walt Disney World dining guidebook.

Passporter's Walt Disney World

This is an interesting book with a personal look at Walt Disney World. Ratings for restaurants and theme park attractions are included. The book is spiral bound and has includes folders for trip planning documents.

Lots to Do in Line: Walt Disney World

This cute book has lots of ideas for keeping the kids entertained while waiting in line.

Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secret

To add a little more fun to your trip you can try to spot the hidden Mickey Mouse silhouettes hidden throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

There tons of additional resources on Walt Disney World, some of which cater to special needs, eating and special diets and Disney trivia. Many of the books come and go, but we will continue to keep you posted on the best books out there on Walt Disney World.

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